How to use your venue for team building opportunities

August 30, 2019

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Paris Stevens

Inside the natural history museum, london. Using an app.

"According to the UK Conference and Meeting survey, venues hosted an average of 373 events in 2017, attracting a total of 92.8 million delegates."

In the past decade, venues across the UK have been realising their potential for events. In addition to increasing revenue streams for museums, galleries and other organisations across the country, it’s expanded the range of possibilities for buyers. According to Visit Britain, corporate spending by visitors reached £4.5billion in 2018, suggesting there’s room in the market for even more expansion. According to the UK Conference and Meeting survey, venues hosted an average of 373 events in 2017, attracting a total of 92.8 million delegates. Opening up venues for meetings and events is important, but to maximise your revenues, it’s important to consider how you might use your venue for team building activities too.

Seaside Venues

If you’ve got a private beach attached to your property, then using it for team building events is an obvious win. But even if you’re close to the sea without private land, you can still use this to your advantage. Technology has given us the flexibility to approach team building in a different way, without the need for sets or expensive equipment. Think creatively and any outdoors space, whether indoor or outdoor, can be used


Traditional museums often struggle to maximise their spaces for events due to restrictions on entry times, as well as special rules around protecting artifacts and old buildings. With app-based events, you can use the museum’s history and content to play the game, without the need to move things around or close off certain sections. App-based team building events can even run alongside regular opening hours, so you’ll no longer be restricted to certain hours of the day

Stately Homes

Often set on protected land, stately homes have strict rules about how their properties can be used. Due to the fact that many are listed buildings, the controls around what can and can’t be done in terms of events can be pretty stringent. But stately homes also have spacious grounds, which can be used for team building. Unlike traditional events, our team building solution  requires no need to put up marquees or dig up half the lawn to put signs in place. There’ll be no eyesores, no damage and guests can still have the run of some spectacular gardens.

City Venues

Think your tower block is too boring to provide the setting for a fun event? Think again. Just because you’re not blessed with outdoor space or trendy meeting rooms, doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to utilise your surroundings. If you’re based in a big city like London, then an outdoor treasure hunt is the perfect solution. But even if you’re based in a small town or village, there’s still scope for some adventure. What’s more, our versatile games can be adapted for indoor surroundings; encouraging participants to explore pre-determined spots within your venue.

Warehouse Venues

They’ve been steadily increasing in popularity for the past decade, thanks to their space and versatility. If you’ve got a warehouse venue, it’s essentially a blank canvas to run events. Ideal for any kind of team building session, you can offer options with or without props, all directly tailored to each brand. Since there’s limited existing decor at warehouse venues, you can really let your imagination come to life.

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