Benefits of Team Building Virtual Escape Room Challenges

April 20, 2017

Paris Stevens

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Virtual reality was a buzz trend in 2016, the ‘smashed avocado’ of the technology world.

Event planners across the world integrated it into their annual conferences and you couldn’t walk through a trade show without bumping into someone chasing imaginary cars in space-age headgear.

Despite its popularity, some corporate brands have questioned how these technologies can help them to meet their objectives. While there’s no doubt virtual reality games can be fun, we think there’s also scope for them to add value to events and boost engagement.

The Wildgoose Escape Challenge is a problem-solving team building activity for groups of any size. Based on the popular escape room challenges, it involves an hour-long collection of virtual tasks, where teams have the chance to solve puzzles, tackle questions and answer riddles. Starting in a ‘locked office, teams are required to work their way through these series of tasks, which are all displayed on interactive games screens, earning points as they go, on a mission to ‘escape’ within the 60 minute time limit. As well as being good fun, the challenge encourages team building and group engagement.

What makes the Wildgoose Escape Challenge good for conference groups?

It’s an icebreaker

Let’s face it – once you leave primary school, standing up in a room full of strangers can be pretty intimidating. The Escape Room challenge can help groups to relax, bond quickly, and get them talking about something other than the quality of the cucumber sandwiches.

It doesn’t take up too much time

In our fast-paced world, a full day of team building isn’t always achievable. Rather than cancelling the activity or rearranging the date, the Virtual Escape Room Challenge for large groups can be sandwiched into a one-hour slot at a conference, making it much more accessible.

You can run the challenge any place and any time

Unlike traditional escape rooms, this challenge can be used in any location or venue – turning even the most sedate conference room into a team building venue. Whilst it’s been designed mainly for use indoors, teams can complete the challenge outside if they’d prefer.

It works for large groups

When you’ve got a group of 1500, finding team building activities can be difficult. If you can’t face the idea of tracking that many people on a city Segway tour, the Escape Room challenge provides a much less stressful alternative. Once you’ve divided the group into small teams, it’s easy to get started and the virtual element means everyone can take part at the same time.

It breaks up a conference

Coffee breaks are renowned for revitalising weary staff, but sometimes even a caffeine hit isn’t enough to break that post-lunch slump. The Arctic Escape Room Challenge provides employees with the chance to get out of the conference hall and engage their brains – leaving them revitalised for an afternoon of presentations.


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